Aaron's Party (come get it) is the 1st song on the album Aaron's Party (come get it) recorded and realeased in 2000


Here's a little bitta old school for ya that goes a little somthin like this. I always tried to be the

flyest kid in the block. the popular one with the rising stock. So that's when I had this bright idea. For the party of the month? Nah the party of the year! All the fine girls couldn't turn it down now all I gotta do is get my parents out. Shall I send em to a movie? Nah send em to a show! Let me think hmmmmmmm. It's gotta be long though. I said mom dad why you sittin at home? It's a Friday night have you seen aunt Joan? and don't worry bout stayin out too long don't fuss ova me i'll be fine alone.

Have a good time! The doorbell rings as the party's here. Cranking up the stereo like it's New Years. Walking round the house like who da man? Nobody can do it like Aaron can. First on the floor you know thats me bustin out the moves like it's MTV I guess somewhere along I lost my head then I jumped on the table this is what I said.

Chorus: People round ya gotta (come get it) Everyone together sing aloud (come get it) Jump all round come on (come get it) What? (come get it) Say it again? (come get it) People round ya gotta (come get it) From the left to the right make noise (come get it) Here we go now come on (come get it) Uh uh what? (come get it) What What? (come get it) Nah nah nah nah Nah nah nah nah Come on here we go Haha Nah nah nah nah Come on woo! Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah! Uh uh (come get it)

Things are goin great then to my surprise some people walked I didn't reconize I said Fella's yo ya gotta get out! Hey how you supposed to open the house Open house? yah that's what tha flyers said. I didn't put out any flyers. Well somebody did. Then walked in a girl i'm crushin then a kid spilled juice on my mom's new cushion I turned round another kid broke the lamp I hoper they weren't expensive. They got them from France. For now I won't sweat i'll clean it up later there's a honey ova there and I really wanna meet her.


Is that a car door oh dang! i'm in trouble everybody get out noew i'm the double Your'e done that's it for me i'm gonna be picked off my family tree. Once mom finds out this party i had I don't even wanna start thinkin bout dad. I'm hustlin round the house tryin to clean up the mess I sure put my new white nikes to the test. The car doors slammed and walking up the steps I guess life is good but 10 seconds left. AARON! Grounded.


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